S. E. SCACCA meet the author

About the Author

While 100+ companies have paid her alter ego loads of money to write digital content, Step Into is S. E. Scacca’s first attempt at publishing her strange fictional words. 

When describing her speculative fiction work to others, she’s often asked, “Is it like Black Mirror?”. The answer to that is… Sort of, but not really.

Her storytelling style is a mix of Raymond Carver and Philip K. Dick, with a little Gillian Flynn thrown in for good measure.  And every story is told in a unique way. In Step Into, you’ll find journal entries, articles, reality TV interviews, parenting manuals as well as more traditional narratives.

As for who this strange chick is that wrote this book… 

S. E. Scacca was born and raised in a small town in New England, but calls Delaware home.

If you’re looking for Scacca today, you’ll find her and her two senior pups wandering the beach towns around Jacksonville and northeast Florida.